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Change your hair, change your attitude?

Last week, PJ had her hair trimmed. Yes, it was a bit overdue. Ok, maybe a lot overdue, but summer just flew by, didn’t it? Anyway, we just cut 3 inches off and it looks great!

PJ's hair on a curly day

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As you know though, trimming PJ’s curly hair requires a complete hair straightening and is about a 2 hour job.  Well, 2 hrs to straighten and 1/2 hour to trim.  You see, our beautiful little girl has enough hair for herself and 5 bald men. Maybe we should start some sort of business. Hmmm…”Locks of Love” by PJ. She could donate her hair to bald men. The only requirement, they have to agree to have curly hair.  I bet there’s more than a few bald guys out there that would rather be curly than bald.  You think?

After it’s done, straightened and trimmed and all flowy, wow!  straight and sassyPJ sure does take on a whole knew persona.  She really becomes different. Kind of more grown up. More flashy. I can’t explain it. But I swear, every time we do a trim, my little girl matures. Is that possible?

Here’s how the trim day and the days to follow all play out…

Day one, hair straight and PJ’s suddenly more sassy, feeling different, feeling special, feeling grown.

Day two, PJ begins to show signs of normalcy.  She becomes a little more quiet and little more calm.  All the hoopla dies down at school about the straight hair and she blends in with all the other kids that have straight hair.  Which, btw, is her whole class.

Day 3 is our limit.  Last day of straight, then she needs a washing. But seriously, she’s pretty done anyway. Suddenly she’s not so comfortable, not unique and missing her curls.  She stops flipping her head around and starts pulling her straight hair into a pony.  She’s bored.

Day 4, we wash, condition and bam!  She has her curls back.  Her smile is wide and her attitude rocks.  Just enough sass.  And, I can tell, she’s just happy to be back to being PJ.  The ONLY curly head girl in the class.

Curly or straight, I don’t care, she’s my cutie patootie.  But, I am happy and proud that she’s most confident in her own natural hair.  I hope she loves her curls forever!  I know I will.

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  9. sdmom22

     /  May 18, 2010

    So long as you give credit to all quotes, please share info. That’s what the site is for. Cheers!

  10. Amanda

     /  July 13, 2010

    Why did they straighten her hair first? My daughter just turned 3 and had her hair cut at an African American salon. They did not straighten it first.

    Also, have you tried the product lines Carols Daughter or Mixed Chix?

  11. Mary

     /  August 23, 2011

    OMG her hair is beautiful. She is lovely, OMG the fashion is curly hair like hairs now. You cannot go wrong with her hair, either way its lovely. I am not saying this just because………. but honestly, she has so much hair and its so nice. versatile!

  12. sdmom22

     /  August 23, 2011

    Thank you Mary. So happy SHE loves it as much as we do. 🙂 @ Amanda, part of why I straighten her hair to trim is because I’m typically cutting off dead ends and hair that is unhealthy. It’s not typically a trim for hair styling. And, since in all honesty, she wears her hair in ponies because she’s very athletic, we tend to cut it pretty blunt. But! Having said all that, I got a great recommendation for a curly hair stylist and PJ is now thinking of cutting her hair in a shorter style that she can wear down more often. That cut will be done with her hair curly. Does that all make sense? Anyway, thought I should clarify as not to confuse others. Also, we do not use Carols Daughter. Doesn’t work for PJ, but does for little M. We LOVE Mixed chicks leave in. By far still our favorite. Hands down.