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PJ's 1st "real" haircut. Can you say BANGS?

Time for a change! And who said curly hair isn’t versatile. PJ's first Professional Cut

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Ramon, at Salon Bella in San Diego, really did a great job with PJ. She wanted some manageable long layers and “bangs”.

Yes, curly girls can have bangs too! And she loves ’em!

Did I mention Ramon is also very affordable, with no long waits. You see, Ramon does not double book, so you get his full attention and great service every time!

And the cut? Well the cut speaks for itself. Notice her hair lays so nicely. Nothing at all like a mushroom.┬áPlus, it’s still long enough to pony tail, which is mandatory with soccer and swimming and PE.

Yes, it’s a great cut and lays better than ever, but it’s still PJ and she’s still got all that hair and yes, it grows and can get very big as the day goes on. But, at least now she can wear it down once in a while and have some style.

Speaking of style, I wonder if we can get her to go “Valderrama” at soccer practice today! I know her mates and especially her coach, would love it!

I think she could rock it! What do you think?