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I’m back!!  And I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long.  I’ve been completely focused on my other blog, 10buckdinners.com. I’ve also been writing my first cookbook (which is now available on amazon.com and bookemon.com). Plus, I’ve been trying to make a living. And we won’t even talk about all the other jobs I have. The one that pays in hugs and not in dollars. I’m sure all you parents out there know all about that job, right? Chef, chauffeur, doctor, tear dryer and cheerleader…and the list goes on and on!

youtube-opens-up-live-streaming-to-non-profits-first-501ecffedfAnyway, while I’ve been gone, a lot has changed. Not only in my life and with my children, but in the social media world as well. The growth of the vlogger (video bloggers). Wow! Amazing. The “how to” type videos have propelled YouTube into yet another dimension. I know they’ve been around a while, but it’s not until the last few years that we’ve really seen a more professional and useful approach.  And the quality of information is so much better than it was just 2 short years ago.

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So why am I even mentioning this since I, myself, am NOT a vlogger (yet). Well, it goes back to hair and as you know, my oldest daughter has a whole LOT of it. She’s also nearly 11 now and still as active as ever. Soccer, track, swimming, beach. It just takes a huge toll on her hair and also makes our life so difficult when trying to detangle or get ready in the morning. And let’s not even talk about sleepovers. It’s just a lot to handle, for an adult, let alone an 11 year old.


Somehow, over the last few years, we ended up braiding or pony tailing it every single day. And worse than that, we left it wet in a braid and pony. Oh, so, so bad for her hair, but it became so routine, so automatic. Until now!

Some time over the weekend, it dawned on me. Why in the world am I not practicing what I preach?

Why am I not caring for her natural hair properly and why am I not teaching her how to care for her own hair?  She’s almost a teenager and she’s gonna have to learn. If I don’t teach her, she’s going to be overwhelmed like most people are with thick curly hair. So that’s what I set out to do. Learn for myself and teach my daughter.

PJ_hairBut, guess what happened? I, myself, quickly become overwhelmed as I realized, also in these past 2 years, my daughter’s hair has changed. A lot!  She went from maybe a 3a to a full 3c and even 4a in some areas. And the volume of her hair is tremendous. I mean this kid has hair for 4 people.

As I sat, thinking about what I should do and even considering some sort of loosening treatment, I realized, “Hey! I bet I can find some help on YouTube!” So I searched. And I watched videos. And I searched some more. And watched more videos. And found lots of answers and so much information and so many great vloggers sharing their “natural” haircare tips and experiences, as well as styles. All for free!!

It was both inspiring and tiring, but I think we have found our answers. Or at least we found enough answers to begin our journey. A journey of “healthy” natural hair that is both fun and versatile.


pj_twists_2A journey to teach my daughter to see the beauty in her locs and to teach her how to care and style her hair on her own. So even if she decides one day to relax her hair or loosen her curl, she will always carry the knowledge of natural hair care and know how to maintain her healthy locs and love her curls and herself just the way God made her.

You can find all the great vloggers in my “links” section. Hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me and my family!

PJ's 1st "real" haircut. Can you say BANGS?

Time for a change! And who said curly hair isn’t versatile. PJ's first Professional Cut

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Ramon, at Salon Bella in San Diego, really did a great job with PJ. She wanted some manageable long layers and “bangs”.

Yes, curly girls can have bangs too! And she loves ’em!

Did I mention Ramon is also very affordable, with no long waits. You see, Ramon does not double book, so you get his full attention and great service every time!

And the cut? Well the cut speaks for itself. Notice her hair lays so nicely. Nothing at all like a mushroom. Plus, it’s still long enough to pony tail, which is mandatory with soccer and swimming and PE.

Yes, it’s a great cut and lays better than ever, but it’s still PJ and she’s still got all that hair and yes, it grows and can get very big as the day goes on. But, at least now she can wear it down once in a while and have some style.

Speaking of style, I wonder if we can get her to go “Valderrama” at soccer practice today! I know her mates and especially her coach, would love it!

I think she could rock it! What do you think?